Last night while laying on my bed
The wind howled beckoning me to listen
He filled my ears with laughter
And with a crying howl he said,

“I travel all around the world in seconds that it seems,
But how I long to stop and rest and try this thing called dreams.
I offer you all of my strength for one night of your slumber.
So, you may search where you please and every rock there under.”

I said, “Old man, you have a deal.
Come rest your weary head,
And we will meet there at 12 bells
When all is done and said.”

With that, my soul rose out of me
And grew a massive size.
I looked down at the wind in me
And saw his flickered eyes.

In that I rose above the trees
Moving every leaf at will.
I screamed past little houses,
Whistled through their window sills.

I crossed the flatland to my father’s grave.
Enticed the ocean’s to tidal wave.
I controlled the air you breathe.
I controlled the slightest breeze.
I pushed the clouds like smokey air
And woke up a sleeping grizzly bear.

With everything I touched,
I knew it’s life long secrets.
This power is addicting.
I might as well just keep it.