I met a man one day
walking through the forest.
He introduced himself to me:
The Sandman from Kedaris.
I asked him no questions as to his name,
just walked on for a while.
He broke the silence of the trees,
then turned to me and smiled,
“If you had only one wish I could grant to thee
what would be your pleasure,
the wish you’d ask of me?”
I walked on for a moment to think of my reply.
Yet just before I answered I heard the blackbird cry.

And then at once it was clear to me
where I had seen this man before.
I had dreamt I had seen him
cast out from the heavens to the floor.
He could see my mind’s eye thinking
of a plan that would be right.
He said, “Please don’t misread me,
I’m not here for a fight.”
With this he showed me riches,
with powers unexplained.
My heart pumped with desire,
pushed wicked blood through vein.

“As soon as I state my wish,
you must grant it on a dime.
Ah but first you must answer this riddle,
in which you have no time:
What is dark in the morning
and clear as day at night?”
I read his thoughts and finished them:
“The wise old owls keen sight.”

“My wish is that you go to God
and beg him for forgiveness,
And you may not return
until your quest is finished.
So go, now Sandman on your way.
There’s no time for refusing.
I’d like to thank you for your time.
This walk’s been quite amusing.”

I heard him scream a wicked cry.
He vanished from his place.
I’d give my soul to see the look
on God’s all knowing face.