A demon dressed in white came calling,
that angel who’s forever falling.
He asked me, “Tell your favorite story;
Of your God and all His glory.”
“He’s your God too, you know Him well.”
“But I haven’t seen Him since I fell.
But ask of me, my truth to tell,
I love Him, that’s my greatest hell.”
“T’was pride that caused our great divide.
That day I crumbled up inside
and gouged a fissure deep and wide.
So please, please speak of Him and read His words.”
“I know all this is quite absurd.
See, my memory lost that part of Him.
That piece we all have deep down in.
And now I miss that speck of me.”

So, I read to him from the book
and even time had stopped to look.
As this figure listened with child’s ear,
I saw a world without fear.
No fear of life or death as well,
the end of evil and all its hell.
To think it should be me to have the glory
of converting this blackest soul with story.
I read the book from start to end
and ask him if he’d say “Amen”.
“Those words won’t leave my lips just yet”
As tears rolled down his face and met
the Bible that lay on the table,
His face now changed from Cain to Abel.
His thoughts were wildly vividly
as he stood up tall and straight,
watched while he envisioned
a Heaven with no gate.

With great wings spreading wide
and eyes now on the sky,
this somber being began to fade
and as my vision lost him…
his breath, a word it made: