Rise Above Featured in NYU Journalism Program

I’m humbled to have had my work show up in New York University’s Masters of Journalism news site, called theclick.news. The article is centered on the state of our country and how THIS Philly neighborhood embraces our fellow man with complete and unconditional LOVE. Thanks NYU for sharing my work! 🙂


  A demon dressed in white came calling, that angel who’s forever falling. He asked me, “Tell your favorite story; Of your God and all His glory.” “He’s your God too, you know Him well.” “But I haven’t seen Him since I fell. But ask of me, my truth to tell, I love Him, that’s […]


  Listen to the silence as my father closed his eyes. Nothing is more frightening as when that sound inside you dies. I saw his body perish. I watched his soul soar high. I felt him all around us, as the world began to cry. The sun asked me permission, would it be alright to […]


  Sometimes I wake with spirits ’round my head asking me the same old question: “Am I really dead?” I answer as I have many times before: “You are of the living; it’s time that lives no more.” With that I close my eyes and sink back into slumber. I know that’s all they need […]